Embark on a Culinary Journey to Apulia

Authentic Apulian Cuisine Delivered Directly to Your Home

Savor Apulia in Every Bite

Exquisite Grab-and-Go Meals Infused with the True Essence of Italy

A Feast for the Senses: Our Diverse Culinary Creations

Embark on a Gastronomic Adventure with Our Wide Selection

Our Signature Delights

Immerse yourself in layers of tender pasta, intertwined with a robust sauce, succulent meat, and sumptuous cheese, culminating in a harmonious crescendo of flavors.

Bolognese Lasagna

Revel in the simplicity of perfectly cooked penne, bathed in a vibrant tomato sauce, and adorned with a sprinkle of melting cheese – an ode to the pasta connoisseur's dream.

Penne al Pomodoro

Surrender to the allure of silky fettuccine, caressed by a creamy Parmesan embrace, an epitome of Italian elegance and indulgence.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Rich, creamy artichokes melded with ricotta, a taste of Italy's finest.

Artichokes Lasagna 

A Sizzling Symphony of Tomatoes, Garlic, and Chili, a Roman delight

Arrabbiata Sauce

A harmonious blend of sweet asparagus and creamy rice, a springtime delight.

Asparagin Risotto

The Heart of Our Cuisine: Authentic Apulian Ingredients

Handpicked with Care, Prepared with Mastery by Our Esteemed Chefs to Enchant Your Palate. All our products are made with 100% Italian ingredients, free from preservatives, artificial coloring, and GMOs, ensuring an authentic and natural taste experience.

Apulia Deli: Your Gateway to Italy's Gastronomic Wonders


Crafting and Packaging the Quintessential Italian Experience for Your Culinary Delight

Who are we ?

We are Apulia Deli, bringing you the essence of Italy by our skilled chefs, who craft and pack authentic Italian flavors for you to enjoy

Our Vision: A Gourmet Odyssey in Every Meal

Transforming the Bustle of Daily Life into Moments of Culinary Bliss and Luxurious Indulgence

Why Apulia Deli ?

Ready in 90 Seconds

Storage at Room Temperature

Prepare it in a Few Simple Steps

12 Months Shelf


100% Natural

How to Prepare ?

  1. Open the package.
  2. Keep the protective film
  3. Place the pan in the microwave
  4. Set heat at 750/900 watt
  5. heat for 90 seconds
  1. Open the package.
  2. Remove the protective film
  3. Pour food in the baking pan
  4. Set heat at 180°
  5. heat for 8-10 minutes
Electric oven
  1. Open the package.
  2. Remove the protective film
  3. Place food in the baking pan
  4. Add two tablespoons of water
  5. Medium heat for 2-3 minutes


Telephone: +49 1512 5202676

E-mail: info@apulia-deli.com

Address: Goethe Str. 13, 40237 Düsseldorf


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